They disappear into nothingness
One by one
Over the course of a lifetime
Some early on
Some later
Some later still
Until there is
Nothing left to feel
Or imagine

Only to remember…


The headstones are covered with snow
There will be no confessions today
Remorse is but a slow death…


You were standing near the front door
In your long flowing white robe
With the sunshine above your head

At least that is what I remember

And then your ride came
Or my ride came
But that wasn’t the important part

I took you with me
And you never even knew…

12/28/13 Haiku (#2)

Humble beginnings
Home is never far away
Such a special life

12/28/13 Haiku

Language is no more
Communication has ceased
All men died today


The hummingbirds left
Long before I remembered
To take their feeders down
So perhaps I will just leave them up
To remind me they were here
And to give me hope for their return

Somthing Missng

I thnk about the arti$t I never was
Livng in the penthouse I nevr had
While all along
Livng on dirt poor street
In evrywhere USA
Damn life


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